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. another one of the controversies here is the aid with the united states. we have an enormous coal. forget the humanitarian reasons. a stable government -- we have an enormous goal. there is the homegrown terrorism that gets sent over to the united states, but they do not like it when we give them aid, and we say there are strings attached to it. >> we had a lot of discussion about that, because this became a very big issue. pakistan, and i do not think most of us in america really understood what is the beef? we are trying to demonstrate a long-term commitment to the development of pakistan, to your energy sector, to your infrastructure, the kinds of things that will provide a greater level of stability for the people of pakistan because their incomes will be rising, in their futures will look better. in the three days that i have been here, we could have raised some things differently. we could have been a little more sensitive to how we are perceived. i have been very clear. "look, if you guys do not want the aid, you do not have to take it. i think is important that we have this relati
this whole idea of redistribution, even in terms of world power. the united states, no longer really intent on being a super power, but spreading the power around. we have a president bough to japanese emperors, dismantling our missile forces in eastern europe. there are many signs of it. and a friend of mine in san francisco said that the difference is redistribution versus recovery. i think she's right. i think she's on to something, and it's probably not in the best interest of the people of the united states. greta: let's take one of these categories, getting jobs back. i believe that president obama wants this country in full employment. i think he may not have the method that we may think is the right method to achieve it, but i'm convinced he wants people to have jobs. agree or not? >> oh, i agree with that. i think he really wants there to be peace on earth, good will toward men. but the fact is you don't create jobs by putting the government in a position where it starts picking winners and losers in the marketplace, any more than you have a good football game when the referees sta
of the people of the united states. greta: let's take one of these categories, getting jobs back. i believe that president obama wants this country in full employment. i think he may not have the method that we may think is the right method to achieve it, but i'm convinced he wants people to have jobs. agree or not? >> oh, i agree with that. i think he really wants there to be peace on earth, good will toward men. but the fact is you don't create jobs by putting the government in a position where it starts picking winners and losers in the marketplace, any more than you have a good football game when the referees start deciding the outcome, rather than just simply making sure that game is being played fairly. small business owners across america, greta -- and believe me, i'm on a 64-city book tour in three weeks. i'm talking to thousands of people, firsthand, face-to-face. every small business owner says, "i'm laying people off. i'm hunkering down, because i have no idea what the government is about to do to me." that is the kind of action on the part of the government, whether it's fear of
with jimy carter for access to united states for treatment. >> he was saying he had been a good ally. greta: he secretly arrived in new york city. >> president carter decided that our hospitality of the nation was to allow him here for cancer treatment. >> all of that exacerbated the situation. >> we learned that the administration had decided to admit the shah, and we were essentially being hung out to dry. >> they wanted him to stand trial for his alleged crimes. >> things were getting more frequent and bigger and more violent, the burning of the american flag, the burning of the effigy of president carter. greta: a group of five university students began to plan. >> islamic fundamentalists. they wanted the shah to be returned and for the united states to effectively withdraw and to stop meddling in iranian affairs. greta: the current president of iran, mahmoud ahmadinejad, was one of the five original planners. >> they decided to go after the american embassy. >> they say that this was planned, essentially, as in 1970's style situation, where they would go in and makes them great stateme
has the substance and experience and bandwidth to be president of the united states. greta: how do you show substance? >> well, you show a substance by talking about it, by offering interesting ideas, but commenting about current events in a way that people find revealing of your leadership skills, and by charting a course, by setting a fee of charging your course for what you want to do -- by setting a fema. -- by setting a theme of charting your course. greta: she gets slapped around, where obama did not. had she overcome the ones that she gets hit with the >> it is too -- she gets -- how does she over, the ones that she gets hit with? >> -- greta: what if someone sits down and says, hey, and levi -- hey, levi johnston, is he coming for thanksgiving dinner? >> they want to know that people are more comfortable seeing her on the front cover of people magazine than seeing her in the oval office, and the way to do that is to keep these questions about minor side issues coming anti-per drawn into those conversations rather than allowing her to be able to flesh of a vision of where she wo
. and if george bush were president of the united states today and there was a republican governor of new jersey they'd be throwing them out and moving a democrat in. what's really significant is how daggett and hoffman up in new york 23, independent third party candidates, are getting enough support to affect the outcome or mess with or meddle with the two parties. i think both party incumbents should look out in 2010. it's a mistake to think either party's incumbents are safe. they're both in trouble. greta: is that right, karl? or is this a really bad message for the democrats in virginia and now in new jersey? >> i respectfully disagree with joe. when you go from having a 16,000-vote margin in a republican county four years ago to a 79,000-vote margin, that means a lot more turnout and the exit polls four years ago showed independents going for corzine. this year it shows them going significantly for chris christie, the republican. this is a deep blue state. john mccain got 42% of the vote, barack obama got 57% and tonight we are seeing christie winning with close to 50% of the vote. in a th
of the in britain, canada, and the united states in the past. greta: i know you are just reporting the facts. i'm not going to put you on the spot. all these things are soin credibly -- i mine, when you see these things and look at them. they are startling that no one seems to have done anything. no one seems to have -- is there anywhere in your reporting that anyone in the military thought, wait, let's take a look at this guy or evaluate more before we promote him to major? >> that is under review. greta: so far no one, as far as you know, or at least in your investigation, your reporting has stepped forward and thought this is one strange situation and maybe we better take a look at it? >> well, we have had people tell us this is one strange situation but it never rose to the level of the highest authorities in the military. and hasan himself never sought conscientiously objector status. something he raised as a possibility with his family. he never went that far with the army brass. greta: what do you know about his family is he a single man. >> single man 39 years old. imams at local mosque
national security. the fbi has estimated that up to 10% of the mosques in the united states are supported by people who favor terrorism. people are going to be very, very sensitive about that. they are going to be cautious, but you have to ask the question, as terrible as fort hood was, what if, in fact, we have across this country even more people who are prepared to kill americans on behalf of trying to impose on us and essentially for the structure of belief? i think this is a very important problem -- impose on us an essentially foreign belief. greta: let me move to another fascinating discussion, the new york 23rd congressional district. the winner has not been certified, and yet, the democratic candidate has been sworn in. how did that happen? >> well, apparently, when the conservative candidate doug hoffman came close, but nobody really thought it was going to be in any way contest oh, they conceded and in good sportsmanship, which is appropriate in america, and then they discovered they had been given that information, that they had done far better in his key county than they had
dollars in health care and cap and trade, but when it comes to protecting the united states, we cannot find a couple hundred billion dollars. when you look at defense spending over the course of the last 50 years, about 60% of the americans' budget in 1960 was defense spending. it is now about 12%. don't tell the american public that the defense is soaking up all the money. this war is putting us into the deficit, that is not true. entitlements, the things that tennis -- @ dennis kucinich on the left have supported is what is putting us in debt and want to give us more entitlements, which will put us deeper in debt. >> they never backer is hardly a flaming liberal and he gave a speech against staying in afghanistan, as did jim duncan. to try to make this left-right is to lock us into old thinking that keeps us in wars we should not have fought in the first place. it undermines our national security and makes it less likely we will have our economy rebound. taking care of things to write home. i am saying we should have left there after we found al qaeda and their training camps, which
of the united states have felt such a sisterhood with the women of afghanistan, and that's because we were so shocked at the serious and stark contrast between their lives and ours. and that's one of the parts of the institute that i'm very excited about, and that's for me to continue to work on issues that had to do with women of afghanistan and women around the world. and in fact, we're going to host the u.s.-afghan women council meeting here at s.m.u. next march. greta: you went to afghanistan as first lady. >> i went to afghanistan three times, as first lady. and the last time i went i visited a province you may remember where the taliban destroyed those two towering buddhas, really shocked the world by destroying those buddhas that had been there since the sixth century. and now that province has a woman governor. and when i was there i met women who were studying to become police officers. so there are encouraging signs. and are there setbacks? sure. every day. but i think it's important for all of us, and especially for women and american women to speak up for our sisters around the wo
'm quoting here for the rag heads who might attack the military here in the united states. this was apparently said to a recent contravert. >> he made those comments and he stuck strongly to his faith. but, you know, as soldiers, you know, we have a duty to, you know, follow orders from our commander and chief. and, you know, political views are set aside. but he was -- after the shooting in little rock, he was -- i don't know, almost outstandingly upset about how this man was treated in little rock. maybe we should have more of these that should strap bombs on themselves and go into "times" square. that was from a third source, so i can't confirm that. >> is now you say that hasan himself -- we are on the line with retired colonel terry lee who worked with the man on the right-hand side of your screen at fort hood. the man on the right-hand side of the screen is the one secretary of defense to have shot and held and 31 injured. you have told our staff that hasan seemed to belief -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us with about that? >>
cominged into the united states? we couldn't allow ourselves to say mid eastern men even though 19 of them had gotten on airplanes and flown themselves into building or field in pennsylvania. political correctness is obviously restrained a lot of people from acting, and reacting to warning signs. i mean, you know, if an ordinary american sent 20 or 40 emails to a radical imam in the middle east and it was detected by our government, you know, most people, i suspect would think that the government would immediately up a file and slap on suspect giving material aid to terrorism. instead in this instance because he was a muslim officer in the united states military, somebody turned a blind eye to it there were lots of troubling signs. you know, we have heard about the remarks that he made at the medical conference. we have talked -- we have heard about comments that he made to fellow members of the military. we have -- you know, members of his family heard disturbing things from him. nobody acted on them. i suspect a big reason why was at least some people were restrained by a sense of politi
governor's race up in pennsylvania next year. they have a huge united states senate race with arlen specter fighting for his life. and we lost about, i think six congressional districts in the last two elections in pennsylvania. and we have got solid candidates in a lot of those who are going to be running. pennsylvania could be one of the big swing states back in 2010. and he is going up there right now to try to put a fire hose on the fire. greta: so you don't think this is necessarily about jobs but more about star power and try to make sure that he can keep that state in the democratic category? >> absolutely. he is going to go to key states. allen town is an area where the congressman there is a republican. they think it's one of their pick up chances to run against charlie in allen town. neighboring district is dave carney who voted for the health care bill in a very rural, republican district. going to try to shore up the southern part of his district. on the other side of allen town is a democrat, he is in a republican district. i mean this was strategically located to help guys run
. >> as a small business owner i could use competition. there are 1300 insurance companies in the united states and i can only use six in california. if you open it up to competition like i experience in my business, competition makes me better. >> katheryn brag went on the record. >> katheryn, boy, you were all heated up. what got you all revved up thatp day? >> as i said before, thank you for having he on. it's been a long time coming.e, and it was very very for me to say to my restive i have had enough. when i starteday to speak the crowd was really excited and they liked the direction that md little talk was going and they helped to fuel that. they gave me the impetus to keee going.p go >> did you get anything from your congresswoman that day ord even since that made you feeld like,in okay, i think wethat connected?ven >> no. no, quite the opposite, greta. i really felt that it was a lot of rhetoric, as everybody has said. we have elected representatives in place that seem to think that they can just come out and give us lip service and we will all go back to work and we will allh quieint d
. this will be a multi-week process in united states senate, on a bill of this magnitude. this is about one sixth of our economy. greta: will this be done in the reading room? he is going to want to go to it. greta: do they say, "where do you stand?" or the ones that are in certain -- the ones that are uncertain? >> what do you need? in order to get enough democrats to pass it. my guess is it is the same process going on over here. greta: and after the vote, that is not the end of it, is it? >> if something does pass, and i hope it does not, it will go back to both houses for a final vote. greta: senator, thank you. up next, the magic number. the battle in the senate is going to be fierce, and it will be epic. jon kyl is next. he will tell us what is happening right now. plus, behind-the-scenes. but this time, president obama's campaign for the white house. the campaign manager about what really happened, next. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- greta: the battle for 60 votes is on. senator harry reid is trolling for votes. 60
disgust "for the rag heads who might attack the military here in the united states." this was said to major hasan, who i understand is a convert to islam. is that right? >> i believe so. he made those comments and he stuck firmly to his faith. as soldiers, we have a duty to follow orders from our commander in chief. his political views are set aside. after the shooting, he was almost outstandingly upset about the way the family was treated in little rock. he said, maybe we should have more of these were people should strap bombs on themselves and go in the town square. that was from a third source. i cannot confirm that. shepard: you say that hasan himself, we are on the line with a retired colonel who worked with the man on the right-hand side of your screen at fort hood, the one who was saved by the military and is said to a shot and killed 12 people in fort hood in texas today, you have told our staff that he seemed to believe -- had feelings about president obama and his election. could you tell us about that? >> there was a comment he made a couple of times in the conference r
am not alone. i have had people from all over the united states contact me and say, thank you for what you did. thank you for speaking my mind at the same time you spoke doors. those people are in the medical profession. they are firefighters, policeman, everyday people who are small business people that feel like they're old dream, there will believe in the system is crumbling before the rise and they have no control over it anymore. greta: another person went head- to-head with senator arlen specter. >> i don't believe this is just about health care. it is not about tarp. it is not about left and right. this is about the systematic dismantling of the country. i am only 35 years old. i have never been interested in politics. you have awakened a sleeping giant. we are tired of this. greta: she went "on the record." what has been your reaction in the community? favorable or unfavorable? >> completely favorable. 1% or 2% are opposite. greta: in terms of the e-mails, all. it is it? is a thing, we don't like what you did, or is it more aggressive in terms of being critical of you?
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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